PIETRO MASCAGNI (1863-1945): Lodoletta.

Catalogue Number: 06W004

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 2587/88-2

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

Description: This 1917 drama was once part of the standard repertoire; nowadays we can consider this work one of the most interesting creations of Mascagni’s last style: a Mascagni who partly recycles the atmosphere of the youthful L’amico Fritz, but also approaches the exploration of the female soul, like his colleague-friend-rival Puccini. It has a highly dramatic and mercilessly realistic finale, an eloquent embodiment of that "erotic sadness" that a shrewd critic like Giannotto Bastianelli had rightly recognized as the essential poetic core of Mascagni's theater, which through the dry modernity of the musical writing redeems the excessive sentimentalism of the previous acts. 2 CDs. No info on libretto or translation. Live 1994 recording. Giovanna De Liso (soprano), Orfeo Zanetti (tenor), Enrico Molianri (baritone), Orchestra Camerata Strumentale, Coro Cooperativa Artisti Associati, Boys’ Choir “Guido Monaco”; Massimo De Bernart.


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