Hungarian Works for Violin and Orchestra

FRIGYES HIDAS (1928-2007): Concertino for Violin and Orchestra (Hungarian RSO; György Lehel. Rec. c.1980. Qualiton LP), GYULA DÁVID (1913-1977): Violin Concerto (Budapest Symphony Orchestra; Ervin Lukács. rec. 1982. Hungaroton LP), Violin Sonata (Lórand Szücs [piano]. rec. c. 1980. Hungaroton LP), PÁL KADOSA (1903-1983): Violin Concerto No. 2, Op. 32 (BSO; Tamás Breitner. rec. 1980. Hungaroton LP), ANDRÁS MIHÁLY (1917-1993): Violin Concerto with Piano Obligato (Endre Petri [piano], Hungarian Radio Orchestra; Lukács, rec. c.1965. Qualiton LP), ISTVÁN SÁRKÖZY (1920-2002): Concerto Semplice for Violin and Orchestra (Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra; András Kórodi. rec. 1983. Hungaroton LP), ANTAL RIBÁRY (1924-1992): Concertino for Violin and Orchestra (Hungarian Radio and TV Orchestra; Miklós Erdélyi. rec. c. 1970. Serenus LP), MIHÁLY HAJDU (1909-1990): Violin Sonata No. 1 (Petri [piano]. rec. c.1956), Bartók: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Budapest Philharmonic Society Orchestra; Kórodi. rec. 1968. Hungaroton LP), No. 2 (rec. 1965 Budapest Philharmonic Society Orchestra; Kórodi and live Sept. 27, 1972 Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra; Ferencsik, Rhapsodies Nos. 1 and 2, Solo Violin Sonata (rec. c.1965. Hungaroton LP), Rhapsody No. 1 for Violin and Piano (Hélène Boschi [piano]. Rec. c. 1956 in Paris. Le Chant du Monde LP), Kodály: Adagio for Violin and Piano (Hélène Boschi [piano]. Rec. c. 1956 in Paris. Le Chant du Monde LP), Dohnanyi: Serenade for String Trio in C, Op. 10 (László Bársony [viola], Károly Botvay [cello]. rec. 1984. Qualiton LP).

Catalogue Number: 06W001

Label: Doremi

Reference: DHR-8121-4

Format: CD

Price: $75.98

Description: Unless you specialized in Hungarian repertoire and lived in New York City where Qualiton LPs could sometimes be found, you’re not likely to have much of the music in this four-disc box. Many of these composers had some of their works reissued on CD but these were usually Hungaroton LPs and I don’t have anything here on CD (and I collected pretty hard during the CD era). The Communist demands for socialist realism in art mean that almost everything here is likely to be approachable - probably nothing more “modern” than Bartók. Doremi is a reissue label so it’s likely that these will be transfers from LP and not copies of original masters; the notes say nothing on the subject and consist mostly of brief bios of the violinist and the composers. The unusual repertoire total timing is 122:52. Expensive and an unusual item for our monthly feature but there were no symphonies released in the last month… 4 CDs. Dénes Kovács (violin).


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