BERND ALOIS ZIMMERMANN (1918-1970): 3 frühe Klavierstücke, Extempore, Capriccio, Enchiridion I, Enchiridion Anhang, Enchiridion II, Konfigurationen.

Catalogue Number: 06V050

Label: BIS

Reference: 2495

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Composed over a period of only 17 years (1939 to 1956), they trace a journey which begins in a neo-classicism à la Hindemith – as radical an idiom as a young student at the Cologne University for Music could adopt during the Nazi regime. After serving in the war, Zimmermann worked as a freelance composer for the radio, theatre and television, and this has left a trace in both Extemporale and Capriccio, which weaves together seven traditional children’s songs. In Enchiridion II we begin to clearly hear the influence of Schoenbergian twelve-tone technique, which a few years later, in Konfigurationen, has blossomed into serialism, with its subtle gradations of dynamics, articulation and rhythm. Eduardo Fernández (piano).


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