LOUIS DUREY (1888-1979): The Unpublished Song Manuscripts - 6 Madrigaux de Mallarmé, 2 Lieder Romantiques, 3 poèmes de Paul Valéry, 2 poèmes d’Ho Chi Minh, Cantate de la rose et de l’amour, 4 stances de Jean Moréas, Grève de la Faim, Une Femme du Sud Chante, 3 Poèmes de Paul Eluard, 4 poèmes de Minuit.

Catalogue Number: 06S058

Label: New Focus Recordings

Reference: FCR184

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Collectors of 20th century French song have an unlikely American label to thank for this excellently presented release (done by Americans, the translations are particularly fine). These are not late pieces, just unpublished - they date from as early as 1919 and as late as 1965 - and Durey uses traditional harmony but also atonalism and polytonality as his subjects demanded. French-English texts. Jesse Blumberg, Sidney Outlaw (baritones), William Burden (tenor), Adriana Zabala (mezzo), Jocelyn Dueck (piano).


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