JOLY BRAGA SANTOS (1924-1988): Cello Concerto, Op. 66, FERNANDO LOPES-GRAÇA (1906-1994): Concerto da Camera for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 167, LUIZ COSTA (1879-1960): Poema (compl. & orch. Pedro Faria Gomes [b.1979]), LUÍS DE FREITAS BRANCO (1890-1955): Cena Lírica.

Catalogue Number: 06R057

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573461

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Lopes-Graça’s 1966 concerto da camera is on the austere side, somber with bits of nervous action punctuating a prevailing greyness of spirit while the Braga Santos (1987) has moments of modal lyricism as well as inward musing, often hauntingly poetic. Costa’s Poema, originally written for cello and piano in the 1950s and left incomplete in its orchestrated version, is a luxuriantly Impressionistic 12 minutes and Freitas Branco’s 1916, seven-minute “Lyric Scene” could easily pass for Vaughan Williams in modal folksong mode. Bruno Borralhinho (cello), Orquestra Gulbenkian; Pedro Neves.


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