GIOVANNI BATTISTA COSTANZI (1704-1778): Sonatas for Cello and Continuo in G, C Minor, B Flat, F and G Minor, Sonatas for 2 Cellos in F and in C, GIOVANNI SOLLIMA (b.1962): Il mandataro.

Catalogue Number: 06R024

Label: Glossa

Reference: GCD 923801

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The cello sonatas of this Roman musician and cellist (no date given in the notes) are apparently early examples of the then-new genre, still late baroque in form although the expressivity of the music and techique required to achieve it are pre-classical and also proof that Costanzi was as good a player as contemporary witnesses attested. Giovanni Sollima (cello), Monika Leskovar (second cello), Arianna Art Ensemble.


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