Hexameron - Variations de Bravoure sur la Marche des Puritains de Vincenzo Bellini by Lizst, Thalberg, Pixis, Herz, Czerny and Chopin

FREDERIC CHOPIN (1810-1849): Mazurka, Op. 17/4, Nocturne, Op. 55/1, CARL CZERNY (1791-1857): Variationen über den Sehnsuchts-walzer von Franz Schubert, Op. 12, SIGISMOND THALBERG (1812-1871): Nocturne, HENRI HERZ (1803-1886): La Valse suisse - Rondo dal "Guglielmo Tell" di Rossini, FRANZ LISZT (1811-1886): Funerailles, JOHANN PETER PIXIS (1788-1874): Walzer, LEON BUCHE (b.1988): Hexameron over the clouds.

Catalogue Number: 06O032

Label: MD&G

Reference: 904 1803-6

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: As with the last time Hexameron, a piece supervised and contributed to by Liszt in 1837 at the instigation of Princess Belgiojoso, was recorded (13 years ago - 06B028), the coupling is a group of pieces by the contributing composers (none of them duplications). Here, the same number of pianists (five of them young up-and-comers) perform. Johann Blanchard, Leon Buche, Carlos Goicoechea, Caroline Sorieux, Kanako Yoshikane, Claudius Tanski (piano).


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