FRANZ DANZI (1763-1826): Der Berggeist.

Catalogue Number: 06O025

Label: Carus

Reference: 83.296

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Did you know that Danzi wrote 15 operas? This 78-minute two-acter from 1813, is another of the recent trickle of early Romantic operas which help fill in our knowledge gap between Fidelio and Der Freisch├╝tz. The mountain-spirit of the title and his search for a pure human virgin who can awaken his spellbound mermaid lover is the kernel of the story, allowing for innovative use of winds to accompany non-human characters and strings for humans, choruses of spirits as well as villagers, folk melodies as well as unusual harmonic effects for creating a supernatural atmosphere - in a word, anticipating Weber's masterpiece and Marschner's Hans Heiling soon to come. German libretto. Colin Balzer (tenor), Daniel Ochoa (baritone), Sophie Harmsen (mezzo), Sarah Wegener (soprano), Stuttgart Chamber Choir, Hofkapelle Stuttgart; Frieder Bernius.


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