GRAZYNA BACEWICZ (1909-1969): Oboe Sonata, Sonatina for Oboe and Piano, Sonata da camera for Violin and Piano, ANTONI SZALOWSKI (1907-1973): Sonatine for Oboe and Piano, JERZY BAUER (b.1936): Dualistyl for Oboe and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 06M076

Label: Acte Préalable

Reference: AP0242

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: All three Polish composers here studied with Nadia Boulanger and all of the oboe pieces have that distinctive French neo-classical tang, clarity, touch of melancholy in slow movements and joie de vivre in the fast ones - much like what you'd expect from Françaix. Szalowski's is from 1946 and Bacewicz' from 1937 and 1945 respectively. Her 1945 Sonata da camera, recorded twice before, is an excellent of Bacewicz' neo-classical period, using ostinato, variation, polyphony and motivic writing with a conventional harmonic backdrop. Even Bauer's short 2004 piece is plainly derived from the same attractive tradition. Mieczyslaw Pawlak (oboe), Barbara Trojanowski (violin), Elzbieta Tyszecka (piano).


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