JAN ROKUS VAN ROOSENDAEL (1960-2005): Tala for Orchestra (Radio Philharmonic Orchestra; Edo de Waart), Irama for Piano and 9 Percussionists (New Percussion Group Amsterdam), Windows for Orchestra (Radio Chamber Orchestra; Peter Eötvös), Static Motion for Ensemble (Nieuw Ensemble; Ed Spanjaard), Space of Time for Orchestra (Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra; Reinbert de Leeuw), Echo for Wind Ensemble and Percussion (Amsterdam Blazers Collectief; Jean Gruter), Facetten for Soprano and Orchestra (Grethe de Vink [soprano], Netherlands Ballet Orchestra; Ed Spanjaard), Psalm 139 for Triple Choir (Netherlands Chamber Choir; Uwe Gronostay), The Beatitudes for Double Choir (NCC; Stephen Layton).

Catalogue Number: 06L126

Label: Attacca

Reference: CD 28113 & CD 28114

Format: CD

Price: $26.98

Description: The booklet notes suggest that Roosendael was still working toward a fully mature, personal idiom by the premature end of his life. Based on this selection of works from the 1980s and 1990s this appears to have been developing as a kind of complex modality, generally more consonant as time progressed, with cyclic and repeating structures very apparently related to the composer's study of gamelan music. Despite his use of repeating structures, this music only infrequently resembles the kind of minimalism that was going on all around the composer during those years; Roosendael's approach to harmony, with an emphasis on intervallic relationships recalls late Stravinsky more than the easy tonal harmony of the minimalists. 1992's Static Motion is perhaps the best example of this approach here, while the gamelan influence is most strongly felt in Irama and the impressive orchestral Tala with which the disc opens. The choral Psalm and Beatitudes, the most recent work here, illustrate another facet of the composer;s aesthetic, with an austere polyphony strongly related to that of the Renaissance but with the same sense of 'interval music' that was emerging in the ensemble works, and an overall feeling of largely consonant modality, rather than straightforward tonality. 2 CDs.


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