ISANG YUN (1917-1995): The Art of, Vol. 7 - Clarinet Quintet No. 1 (Eduard Brunner [clarinet], Akiko Tatsumi String Quartet. Rec. 1984), String Quartet No. 5, Oboe Quartet (Hiroshi Shibayama [oboe]). Rec. 1997), Clarinet Quintet No. 2 (Seiki Shinohe [clarinet]. Rec. 1996).

Catalogue Number: 06L125

Label: Camerata

Reference: CMCD-50030

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: The first clarinet quintet dates form 1984, and embodies much of the composer's individual sense of lyricism, with the clarinet playing extended melodic lines in pure, consonant intervals, surrounded by an aura of shimmering string tone. The two movement string quartet consists of a tense confrontation between active and inactive music; elements of tonality are to be heard in the work's acerbic harmonic language, and again the contrast of melody and textural aura characteristic of the composer's music of this period is abundantly present. The oboe quartet consists of a lovely dialogue between the oboe and the more homogeneous string group, with 'bent' sliding tones a characteristic of the writing for the soloist. The late second clarinet quintet, aside from the bending of pitches which lends the solo part a quasi-vocal expressiveness, is in many ways an almost neo-romantic work, tinged with nostalgia and expressed in a language based on a strong sense of tonal centers and referents. Sawa Quartet.


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