JÁNOS TAMÁS (1936-1995): Piano Concerto, For Solo Piano: Lichtspiel, 5 Improvisations, Eisblumen.

Catalogue Number: 06L105

Label: Oehms Classics

Reference: OC 750

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Tamás' early concerto, never performed during his lifetime, is very obviously influenced by Bartók, and is tonal, with a virtuosic piano part. An element of grotesquerie in the lively first movement also suggests an aspect of Prokofiev. The second is lyrical, beginning hesitantly and developing into a varied fugato. The finale is a lively rondo with a high energy exchange of ideas between piano and orchestra. The early Improvisations are atmospheric pieces, somewhat in the nature of studies, and not a little reminiscent of Busoni in their tendency toward harmonic ambiguity. Lichtspiel is an ingenious trill and tremolando study, almost entirely in the piano's highest register. The 14 aphoristic miniatures that make up 1977's Eisblumen are crystalline studies in articulation and tone-color; poetic and quietly melancholy, each one evokes a particular atmosphere or mood with subtle precision. Tomas Dratva (piano), Basel Chamber Orchestra; Paul Goodwin.


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