World Premiere Martinu Opera!

BOHUSLAV MARTINU (1890-1959): Le Jour de Bonté.

Catalogue Number: 06L007

Label: ArcoDiva

Reference: UP 0121-2

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This would have been Martinu's third opera, following The Three Wishes and begun in Paris in 1930. He finished the first and second acts (except the final scene of Act II) and then, possibly because the publisher Schott rejected it, never completed it. As recorded here it lasts 73 minutes, so it's a substantial addition to Martinu's œuvre. The orchestration is unusual in having no flutes or horns but with a piano and a relatively large percussion section. As with this period, stylistically, there is polytonality, lovely lyrical passages as well as the sharp rhythms one would expect, references to French popular melodies and (in its very beginning - a shepherdess with her flocks) an interest in pastoral folksong. The copies of the scores of the two surviving acts only surfaced in 1995; before that, this work was thought to be an incompleted fragment. Needless to say - world premiere recording. French-English libretto. Tomás Bijok (tenor), Petr Matuszek (baritone), Irena Troupová (soprano), Prague Chamber Choir, Plsen Philharmonic Orchestra; Milan Kanák.


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