FELIX DRAESEKE (1835-1913): Morgens send' ich dir die Veilchen, Das sterbende Kind, Helge's Treue, Op. 1, Das verlassene Mägd'lein, Op. 2, Abendreihn, Op. 17, Vor dem Dome, Ritter Olaf, Op. 19, 6 Landschafts-bilder, Op. 20, Mitternacht, Op. 24, Das Schloss am Meer, Op. 53, Du bist der ungebrochne Sonnenstrahl, Op. 67, Die traurige Krönung, Op. 80, 4 Lieder, Op. 81.

Catalogue Number: 06I072

Label: CPO

Reference: 999 826

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The true lieder aficionado can trace Draeseke's life cycle from Lisztian firebrand and bearer of the Wagnerian torch to the discarded and forgotten out-of-date, old-fashioned Romantic he became by the time of his death in this selection of songs which span his entire career. German-English texts. Ingeborg Danz (alto), Roman Trekel (baritone), Cord Garben (piano).


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