BLAGOJE BERSA (1873-1934): Complete Piano Music, Vol. 2 - Ballade in D Minor, Op. 65, Rondo-Polonaise, Op. 18, Valse mélancolique, Op. 76, Serenade-Barcarolle, Venetian Barcarolle, Op. 58, Riso e lamento, Op. 63, Valzer, Op. 3, Tema con variazioni, Op. 15, Sonata (No. 1) in C, Op. 19, Minuet, Op. 11, Novelette, Op. 69, Bizarre Serenade, Fantasia breve, Op. 56, An Old Sailor’s Telling, Mélancolie, Op. 76.

Catalogue Number: 05V045

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP832

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: As with the first volume in this series (01T026), this Croatian composer’s piano works are organized according to their character and tonality rather than chronologically. They include elements of transcription drawing on Mozart and Beethoven but also characterful barcarolles that evoke Italian music, a taut and witty Bizarre Serenade, a simple but affecting Mélancolie, and an invitation to a Viennese ballroom in the Valzer, Op. 3. Goran Filipec (piano).


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