ERIK SATIE (1866-1925): Son binocle, Danses de travers, Caresse, Cinéma, Dixit Domine, Le Tango, Danse de l’homme et de la femme, Airs à faire fuir, Méditation, Tendrement, Prélude to Act 1 of Le fils des étoiles, Prière pour le salut de mon âme, Vexations all arr. Fumio Yasuda [b.1953]).

Catalogue Number: 05S037

Label: Winter & Winter

Reference: 910 241-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This appears to be the latest of a batch of Winter & Winter releases of Yasuda arrangments of Western classical repertoire. A German reivew of a previous discs puts well what Yausda does: “Its magic is rather that of making its own out of things known, of reproducing a model until, through the work of tiny mutations, something new has come into being.” Thus, for example, alongside some very deadpan and arch adustments of Satie piano pieces, we also get a slightly demented cool jazz rendering of Cinéma and a decidedly hotter and sweatier one of the Prière section of the Messe des pauvres. Fumio Yasuda (piano, prepared piano), Joachim Badenhorst (clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone), Julie Läderach (voice).


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