SCORDATO - Habsburg Violin Music: SCHMELZER: Sonatina Amorosa, Sonata, JOAN VOITA: Sonatas 1-3, NIKOLAUS FABER (d.1673): Sonata, ANON.: 2 Sonatas.

Catalogue Number: 05Q014

Label: Pan Classics

Reference: PC 10322

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The second in a three-CD series of violin music from a large manuscript in the Minorite Convent in Vienna. This one concentrates on sonatas with various types of scordato tuning, bringing everything from warlike violence to cushiony opulence. By the way, "Schmelzer" could be either father or two of his sons and one of the thusly attributed sonatas is almost identical with Biber's Tenth Rosary Sonata but with a different key, different tuning and movement headings describing aspects of the Battle of Vienna against the Turks. Gunar Letzbor (violin), Ars Antiqua Austria.


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