FRITZ BRUN (1878-1959): Volume 6 - Symphony No. 4 in E, Rhapsodie for Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 05Q001

Label: Guild

Reference: GMCD7411

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Brun's Fourth is a big, three-movement work of 47 minutes and a big personality too. The first movement is a slow, calmly progressing feel-good pastoral rather in the style of Bruckner. The composer referred to his sense of well-being when he wrote it in 1926, with the Treaties of Locarno newly signed and "when one could still believe in humanity and reason" (a letter to Hermann Scherchen of Oct. 1, 1939). Still, all is not sweetness and light and fluffy bunnies. The second movement combines scherzo (rough and uncouth) and slow movement (beautiful and contemplative) while the finale begins equally irascibly and travels through an often dense chromatic and contrapuntal landscape to a brassy, bombastic conclusion. The craggy quality of the orchestration is striking and sets off some lovely pastoral solos for horn in the first movement. The ten-minute Rhapsodie is a much lighter piece from 1957 and was Brun's last orchestral work. Moscow Symphony Orchestra; Adriano. Moscow Symphony Orchestra; Adriano.


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