PEHR HENRIK NORDGREN (1944-2008): The Good Samaritan, Op. 141, Wind Quintet No. 2, Op. 22, JOONAS KOKKONEN (1921-1996): Wind Quintet, ATSO ALMILA (b.1953): Wind Quintet II "Arctic Hysteria".

Catalogue Number: 05M078

Label: Alba

Reference: ABCD 307

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Almila's quintet is tonal and readily accessible, finely crafted in a conventional idiom. Inspired by a tragic event, it begins and ends with melancholy, anguished music, with a brief lively scherzo with a whiff of Shostakovich, a slow movement which alludes to the Dies irae and a wistful lullaby along the way. Nordgren is represented by a late work - The Good Samaritan, illustrating the Biblical parable in economical, bold brushstrokes of deceptive simplicity - and a much earlier one, the 1975 quintet, which is more active, with a persistent minimalist pulse in the first movement and suggestions of Japanese music resulting from the composer's years spent in Japan around this time. His teacher, Kokkonen, seems to have used his 1973 quintet as a study for aspects of his great opera The Last Temptations, as it has some motivic connections with the larger work. Neoclassicism and tonality rub shoulders with characteristic pungent dissonances in this appealing, melodically and rhythmically diverse work. Arktinen Hysteria Wind Quintet.


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