SERGEI BORTKIEWICZ (1877-1952): Piano Works, Vol. 5 - 4 Pièces, Op. 10, 3 Morceaux, Op. 24, 12 Etudes Nouvelles, Op. 29.

Catalogue Number: 05M051

Label: FC Records

Reference: FCRCD-9736

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: The latest volume of Bortkiewicz piano music in the Grand Romantic Tradition. The Etudes Nouvelles (1924) appear not to be otherwise available (the traycard has "first complete recording") and consist of a series of character studies (La blonde, Le philosophe, Don Quichotte, Hamlet, etc.) which make significant demands on the left hand (and No. 5 Le poète is for left hand only). This was the next work Bortkiewicz wrote after his Concerto for Left Hand and Orchestra, Op. 28, so it appears that he had plenty of unused ideas left over from that concerto! Jouni Somero (piano).


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