RUED LANGGAARD (1893-1952): Piano Works, Vol. 2 - Little Summer Memories, BVN 254, Music of the Abyss, BVN 169, Album Leaf, BVN 3, In a Churchyard at Night, BVN 22, Adorazione, BVN 223, Piano Piece in E, BVN 426, Summer Holiday in Blekinge, BVN 123 (recomposed/reconstructed Niels Marthinsen [b.1963]).

Catalogue Number: 05M007

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 6.220565

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: If you don't remember Volume One it's because it came out almost six years ago (06G073 - June 2005)! You can probably tell by looking at the titles that Music of the Abyss is the wild-eyed, semi-hysterical Langgaard and the rest are attractive pieces in his best-behaved Romantic mode (In a Churchyard is a little creepy and it, along with Adorazione, the Album Leaf and the piano piece, are world premiere recordings). Berit Johansen Tange (piano).


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