MATTHIAS PINTSCHER (b.1971): en sourdine for Violin and Orchestra (Frank Peter Zimmermann [violin]), Reflections on Narcissus for Cello and Orchestra (Truls Mørk [cello], North German Radio Symphony Orchestra; Matthias Pintscher), Tenebrae for Scordatura Viola and Small Ensemble with Live Electronics (Christophe Desjardins [viola], Ensemble Intercontemporain).

Catalogue Number: 05J123

Label: Kairos

Reference: 0012582KAI

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

No Longer Available

Description: Pintscher has successfully formulated a personal compositional æsthetic from the exploration of the raw material of instrumental sound - not so much manipulated and mathematically determined in the manner of the spectralists, but presented on its ow terms, like light in a late Turner painting. This is perhaps an apt analogy, as the contrasting works 'en sourdine' and 'tenebrae' both seem to deal with light; the violin soloist in the first plays almost exclusively in stratospheric register, the whole suggesting the glittering brightness of sunlight at high altitude; in Tenebrae, the scordatura tuning of the viola and the avoidance of bright colors in the orchestration, alongside the work's uneasy atmosphere, suggests a struggle to emerge from an engulfing darkness. Reflections contains music in the most recognizable concertante texture of the three, having the most apparently narrative qualities, as opposed to impressionistic ones. here the ephemeral wisps of solo sound are replaced by a more robust dialogue between cello and orchestra, at times suggesting an almost neo-romantic sense of dramatic confrontation.


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