LORENZO PEROSI (1872-1956): In patris memoriam for Soprano, Chorus and Orchestra (Emilia Bertoncello [soprano], Coro "I Polinfonici" di Genova, Orchestra Sinfonica Nuova Cameristica di Milano; Arturo Sacchetti), Messa da requiem (Coro Polifonico Castelbarco de Avio, I Virtuosi Italiani; Sacchetti).

Catalogue Number: 05J059

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 2430-2

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The oratorio In patris of 1910, composed after the death of Perosi's father, is perhaps his most impressive and instantly accessible and attractive vocal-orchestral work of all. There is little of the lugubriousness and crushing religious piety which can be an acquired taste in this 36-minute work. The coupling dates from 1897, in memory of a 14-year-old boy singer who was Perosi's favorite pupil; Puccini loved it and admitted cribbing a few notes from the Rex tremendae maiestatis when working on Tosca!


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