GIUSEPPE MONETA (1754-1806): Il conte Policronio.

Catalogue Number: 05J030

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 2426/27-2

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: This 1791 work is interesting for several reasons: its genre - an odd combination of farsa, Singspiel and opera buffa, its subject - apparently a satire on the Freemason Cagliostro case which sees the Egyptian rite as a barrel of laughs (the exact opposite of the contemporaneous Magic Flute), and its composer - a man universally liked and continuously successful in his home town of Florence but who never achieved fame beyond its borders. 2 CDs. Italian-English libretto. Alessandro Luongo (baritone), Elena Cecchi, Elena Brotolozzi (sopranos), Anicio Zorzi Giustiniani (tenor), I Solisti Fiorentini; Riccardo Cirri.


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