MIHAIL JORA (1891-1971): Viola Sonata, Op. 32, GEORGES ENESCU (1881-1955): Konzertstück for Viola and Piano (Ernst Wallfisch [viola], Lory Wallfisch [piano]. Rec. Dec. 6, 1961 and Sept. 12, 1957), PAUL CONSTANTINESCU (1909-1963): Song and Variations, Tanz from 3 Klavierstücke, DINU LIPATTI (1917-1951): Sonatine for the Left Hand, CONSTANTIN SILVERSTRI (1912-1969): Preludio from Piano Suite No. 3, NICOLAE BRÂNDUS (b.1935): Carol, Song for Dancing, PAUL NEGREANU (1913-2003): Ballade.

Catalogue Number: 05I013

Label: EBS

Reference: 6146

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Thanks to the inability of Electrecord to thrive in the post-Communist era, it may be that only Albania suffers more than Romania in terms of its classical music heritage on disc, making this combination of two historical viola/piano (the major work on the disc being Jora's dark-hued, intensely lyrical sonata of 1951) and brand-new solo piano recordings a small but valuable gift to collectors. Lory Wallfisch (piano - new recordings).


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