PAOLO LITTA (1871-1931): Konzert-Trilogie for Violin and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 04V049

Label: Genuin

Reference: GEN 20690

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A major work of symbolism from a Swedish-born pianist and pedagogue who, beyond some early works, appears not to have composed anything else. In the successively published parts Der Minne-See (1909), Die entschleierte Göttin (1912) and Der Tod als Fiedler (1924), literature, art and music are interwoven into a total work of art. From Georges Rodenbach's novel “Bruges-la-Morte” Litta took the setting and from Paul Gauguin the three-part form, which simultaneously symbolises the course of human life, birth, life and death. A Wagnerian leitmotif flows into his work, combining all three parts. The music is very poetic, almost innocently playful in the first part Der Minne-See, dramatic in the second part, in which the man's psyche struggles with suffering and doubt, and highly virtuoso in the last part, in which death approaches inexorably. Ilona Then-Bergh (violin), Michael Schäfer (piano).


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