JAMES HEWITT (1770-1827): Complete Piano Music - Sonatas in D, Op. 5/1, in F, Op. 5/3 and in C, 3 Marches, The Gift of Apollo, 22 German Waltzes, Op. 9, 4 Quick Marches, Sonatinas Nos. 1-6, Grand March and Tammany Quick Step, Theme with 30 Variations, The New Medley Overture, Olla Podrida No. 3, The 4th of July - a Grand Military Sonata, The Battle of Trenton, Scotch Medley and 28 more small pieces.

Catalogue Number: 04V029

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3736-39

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: Born in Dartmoor, England, Hewitt worked as a violinist, conductor, teacher, organist, music publisher, and composer in New York and Boston, with several years in the South toward the end of his life. Most of us know him (if we know him at all) for his Battle of Trenton. Here is his entire keyboard Ĺ“uvre which ranges from virtuoso show pieces to genre pieces for domestic consumption. 4 CDs. Kirsten Johnson (piano).


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