JOSEPH MARX (1882-1964): Eine Herbstsymphonie.

Catalogue Number: 04U002

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 262-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: “An Autumn Symphony” of 1920–21 is really more a four-movement rhapsody that is large in scale with regards to both its orchestration and duration (67 minutes). Its premiere stimulated a Rite of Spring-like reaction from the audience; as the notes put it, “With its enormous complexity, force of sound, and mystical setting, the Herbstsymphonie overwhelms the listener to such a degree that a certain number of hearings are necessary before it can gradually become discernible and enjoyable in all its beauty. ” The work was not performed from 1927 to 2005 but Marx revised the final movement, reducing the orchestration and adding a serene middle section to create a tone poem called Feste im Herbst (on a 2008 CPO release - 12K006). Titled “A Song to Autumn”, “Dance of the Nooonday Spirits”, “Autumnal Thoughts” and “A Poem to Autumn”, this richly-colored, brilliantly orchestrated music, brimming with romantic and lyrical passion, an ode to autumn and its moods of twilight, melancholy and reflection also includes the boisterous aspects of autumn harvest festivals. Graz Philharmonic; Johannes Wildner.


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