JORDAN PAL (b.1980ish?): Starling - Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello, Piano and Orchestra, Into the Wonder.

Catalogue Number: 04T080

Label: Analekta

Reference: AN2 9521

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Pal has an individual voice, while working in a neo-romantic, unexperimental, tonal idiom in which emotion and the celebration of the stirring, visceral impact of music play a major part. The triple concerto Starling is a paean to the natural world, inspired by the murmuration of the eponymous birds. The first movement maintains a scintillating, swirling momentum throughout, exhilarating in its vivid suggestion of the uncannily synchronised undulations of huge flocks, pulsing and morphing across the sky like a single organism. The central Largo nobile is a vast panoramic landscape, and the vigorous finale an exuberant romp, the soloists taking centre stage in the raucous celebration. Into the Wonder tackles even larger themes in the natural world; " ... the creative will of our universe. Evoking birth and death, creation and destruction, universal interconnectedness and the rapture of love, this piece seeks to capture the mystery, awe and wonder of life". Described by the composer as a symphony, the work, in three thematically linked movements, begins with 'An Infinite Range', in which the vast, energetic rotations seem to be those of planetary orbits and distant galaxies. The slow movement is tender and intimate, wistfully elegiac; nature's cycle of birth and death, culminating in a surging, optimistic climax. The lush, expressive textures of Pal's orchestration, a striking feature throughout these works, are especially effective in this movement. The finale, like that of Starling, is a lively, rhythmically incisive perpetuum mobile dance. Gryphon Trio, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra; Arthur Post.


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