JOACHIM RAFF (1822-1882): Piano Works, Vol. 5 - Grande Sonate, Op. 14, Blätter und Blüten, Op. 135a.

Catalogue Number: 04Q045

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP654

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: In addition to at least the third recording of the late (1881) sonata, we have the World Premiere Recording of an earlier 12-piece cycle from 1866. "Leaves and Blossoms" conveys the character of a series of plants and flowers in which they are emblamatic of human traits or moods (Ivy - Marital Fidelity, Carnation - Pride and Beauty, Anemone - Emblem of the Foresaken, etc.). A fairly wide emotional range is accompanied by Raff's ever-present gift of providing memorable melodies. Tra Nguyen (piano)


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