JOSEPH JOACHIM RAFF (1822-1882): Symphonies Nos. 1-11, Suites Nos. 1, Op. 101, No. 2, Op. 194 "In ungarischer Weise", Italienische Suite and Aus Thüringen, Overtures to Benedetto Marcello, Dame Kobold, Die Parole, Concert Overture, Op. 132, Abends Rhapsodie, Op. 163b, Chaconne (Bach).

Catalogue Number: 04L063

Label: Tudor

Reference: 1600

Format: CD

Price: $94.98

Description: It's rare for Tudor to issue a mid-price box-set like this but, then, they'd never done anything of the size of this Raff series before. Even then, not all their Raff orchestral discs made it into this box but, as it stands, it's the best recorded Raff cycle with the highest quality orchestra out there and this release will delight collectors who didn't sign on to the series when it began 11 years ago. 9 CDs. Bamberg Symphony; Hans Stadlmair. Original 1999-2005 releases.


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