ERNESTO LECUONA (1895-1963): Córdoba, Andalucía, Alhambra, Gitanerías, Guadalquivir, Malagueña, Danza Negra, La Negra Bailaba, Danza de los Ñañigos, Danza Lucumí, La Camparsa, FRANCISCO BUENCAMINO SR. (1883-1952): No Hablos Mas!, The Portrait, Birthday Greetings, Fantasia de Concierto, FRANCISCO SANTIAGO (1889-1947): Plea, Souvenir de Filipinas, NICANOR ABELARDO (1893-1934): Where are you my love?.

Catalogue Number: 04J083

Label: Marquis Classics

Reference: 777471 83121 2 9

Format: CD

Price: $8.98

Description: Lecuona is much better-known now that when this recital first came out almost 30 years ago so the real draw is the 32 minutes of music by three members of the first generation of Filipino composers, whose music draws on both Spanish and native song traditions. Adolovni Acosta (piano). Original 1982 Orion release.


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