AUGUST RITTER VON ADELBURG (1830-1873): Symphonie-Fantaisie "Aux Bords du Bosphore", Op. 9, CALLISTO GUATELLI PASHA (1818-1900): Aria nazionali e canti popolari orientali antichi e moderni, BARTOLOMEO PISANI (1811-1876): Une Larme sur la Tombe du Sultan Abdul-Medjid, LUIGI ARDITI (1822-1903): Inno Turco in D, ANGELO MARIANI (1821-1873): Hymne National in C.

Catalogue Number: 04J058

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 93613

Format: CD

Price: $7.98

Description: Like last month's 03J029 this is another collection of European music inspired by Turkey although this is of a later chronological period. The big item is Adelburg's large-scale, 42-minute symphonic fantasy whose movements are Meditations et Rêveries, Chanson turque, Grand Marche du Médjidié and Lever de la lune et Chant nocturne sur le Bosphore. It alternates between European music with influences ranging from Liszt and Berlioz to Smetana (!) and actual Turkish music harmonized for a European orchestra. The two 6-8 minute hymns employ vocal soloists, the Guatelli sets authentic Turkish folk songs and Pisani provides a ten-minute funeral march, complete with weeping solo violin. Prague Philharmonic Choir, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Prague Symphony Chamber Orchestra; Emre Araci.


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