ROBERT FOKKENS (b.1975): Uhambo Olunintsi (Journeys), L’UBICA ČEKOVSKÁ (b.1975): Shadow Scale, HARRY STAFYLAKIS (b.1982): Brittle Fracture, NAHLA FAROUK MATTAR (b.1971): El-Áin (The Evil Eye), CARLOS ZAMORA (b.1968): Sikuris, CHRIS GENDALL (b.1980): Gravitas, AIGERIM SEILOVA (b.1987): Pendulum. Evaporation, CHEN ZHANGYI (b.1984): of an ethereal symphony, MIGUEL DEL ÁGUILA (b.1957): The Giant Guitar, Op. 91.

Catalogue Number: 03W073

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.574265

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Peruvian-born, American-trained conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya, is inspired to look at how music, like the poetic concept of peace, can unite the world. The idea behind “Journeys” is to create an example of that unity in a tangible form by bringing together music from every continent into one album. With works inspired by myths and mechanics, cosmic motion and human emotion, originating from Europe and the Americas to Africa, Asia and Australasia, the themes in this collection of world premiere recordings range as widely as their origins. Norwegian Radio Orchestra; Miguel Harth-Bedoya.


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