NIGEL HESS (b.1953): A Celebration Overture, The Old Man of Lochnagar Suite, The Lakes of Cold Fen (BBC Concert Orchestra; Richard Balcombe), Kyrie for Chorus (BBC Singers), March Barnes Wallis (Central Band of the RAF; Duncan Stubbs), Jesu Joy Variations (Piers Lane [piano]), Nocturne (Nicholas McCarthy [piano]), Live With Me and Be My Love for Chorus (BBC Singers, Alison Martin [harp]; Sofi Jeannin), Chansons de Normandie (Band of HM’s Royal Marines Portsmouth; Nick Grace), Benedictus (BBC CO w/St. Catharine’s College Girls’ Choir; Balcombe), Arise My Love (BBC Singers, Emma Tring [soprano], Benjamin Hughes [cello]; Jeannin), The Way of Light (BBC CO, Derek Jacobi [speaker], Eleanor Grant [soprano], Metro Voices, St. Catharine’s College Girls’ Choir; Balcombe).

Catalogue Number: 03W065

Label: Orchid Classics

Reference: ORC 100153

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Hess’s melodious music for stage, film and television has touched millions around the world over the past forty years. His latest album turns the spotlight on works written for the concert hall or conceived without onscreen images in mind, from a bold ballet suite to the sublime Arise My Love, a haunting setting of words from the Song of Solomon, and the equally seductive Live With Me and Be My Love.


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