THADDÄUS WOLFGANG VON DÜRNITZ (1756-1807): Bassoon Sonatas No. 1 in B Flat, No. 3 in G, No. 5 in G and No. 6 in C, FRANÇOIS DEVIENNE (1759-1803): Duos Concertant for Bassoon and Cello in F and in G, Op. 3/1-2, WOLFGANG AMADUS MOZART (1756-1791): Sonata for Bassoon and Cello in B Flat, K 292.

Catalogue Number: 03W037

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 96020

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

Description: Dürnitz, dedicatee of the Mozart piece on this disc, was no dilettante musician or composer, to judge from his ready assimilation of Classical-era convention and the kind of virtuoso writing in the quick movements that challenges conceptions of the bassoon as a sturdy accompaniment to more agile musical companions. Carmen Mainer Martín (bassoon), Violeta Mur (cello), Enrique Escartín Ara (piano).


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