JAROSLAV KRČEK (b.1939): Oboe Concerto, Violin Concerto, 3 Dances in Old Style, Music to the Lusatian Sorb fable “The Secret of the Old Mill”.

Catalogue Number: 03T064

Label: ArcoDiva

Reference: UP0201-2 131

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Krček's idiom is tonal and very approachable, with an emphasis on harmonic warmth and melody. He speaks of a quest for beauty and the inclusion of tradition as necessary in the modern world, and these characteristics are very much in evidence here. The works all carry a strong imprint of folk tradition, for one thing. There are distinct traces of Janáček in the oboe concerto, a most appealing work in traditional form, with an especially lovely lento section in the finale, before the concerto's perky, dancing conclusion. The 1979 violin concerto, written in memory of Krček's teacher, Kabeláč, is a more somber work, and less conservative (though very far from experimental in any sense). The Three Dances are what the title suggests, forming a kind of miniature concerto grosso, with Baroque, pre-Baroque and folk styles and instrumentation in evidence. The suite from 'The Secret of the Old Mill' was extracted from music that Krček wrote for a film, and consists of six short pieces in similar style to the Dances, of descriptive character related to cues in the film. Gabriela Krčková (oboe), Lenka Koubková Torgensen (violin), Musica Bohemica Prague; Jaroslav Krček, Slovak Chamber Orchestral; Bohdan Warchal (Dances).


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