ROBERT FUCHS (1847-1927): Complete String Quartets - in E, Op. 58, in A Minor, Op. 62, in C, Op. 71 and in A, Op. 106.

Catalogue Number: 03T043

Label: MD&G

Reference: 603 2050-2

Format: CD reissue

Price: $18.98

Description: The first quartet (1895) has a melancholic, nostalgic feel in its first three movements, recovering the joy and spring of youth only in its finale. However, the second, from 1899, is full of the spontaneous warmth and generosity which one expects from this most gemütlich of composers. Datng from 1903 and 1916, Fuchs' last two quartets continue in the paths of Brahms and his disciples. Lyrical works disdaining any violent outbursts of emotion, these quartets display the well-bred eloquence, melodic gift and classical sense of form which distinguish this minor master. For anyone who collects Herzogenberg, Reinecke, Berger or early Reger, these two discs will make welcome additions. 2 CDs for the price of 1. Minguet Quartet. Original 2000 & 2001 releases.


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