Edition RadioMusiken Volume 3

WILHELM GROSZ (1894-1939): Bänkel und Balladen, Op. 31, PAUL HINDEMITH (1895-1963): Sabinchen (Ein Musikalisches Funkspiel), PAVEL HAAS (1899-1944): Radio-Ouvertüre, Op. 11 (Czech and German versions), KURT WEILL (1900-1950): Berliner Requiem, WALTER GRONOSTAY (1906-1937): Mord (Ein Hörspiel), HEINRICH SUTERMEISTER (1910-1995): Jorinde und Jorindel (Radio-Oper).

Catalogue Number: 03S059

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 839-2

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

Description: More famous composers commissioned by German Radio to write orchestral music for radio broadcast. Yes, the Weill was commissioned for this format too! The problem with the first release in this series has returned: plays and a short opera without texts and translations. This will be the biggest problem in Sutermeister’s 1934 opera which, at 35 minutes, is the longest work here (even if you know the Grimm brother’s fairy tale it’s based on). Grosz’ 1931 contribution is a sequence of four ballads marinated in popular musical styles of the day; Hindemith’s 18-minute “radio play” from 1930 has its origin in a folksong (there is a bonus track of 14 minutes of the original June 22, 1930 broadcast on shellacs that survived the war); Gronostay's 1929 “Murder” almost needs nothing but the short summary given in the notes for one to enjoy its manic 12 minutes as a deceived husband confronts and shoots his wife. 17 listed singers and actors, Chorus and Orchestra of the Staatsoperette Dresden; Ernst Theis.


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