ARNOLD SCHOENBERG (1874-1951): Chamber Symphony No. 1, Op. 9 (four-hand version by Alban Berg [1885-1935] - First Recording), 5 Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 16 (two-piano version by Anton Webern [1883-1945]), Chamber Symphony No. 2, Op. 38 (two-piano version by Schoenberg).

Catalogue Number: 03S049

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 94957

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Schoenberg initially worked on a piano‐duet version of his op. 9 but became dissatisfied and turned it over to his pupil, Berg, whose intent was to write an arrangement that could actually be played on the piano, rather than a version that simply aimed at facilitating study and analysis. The symphony is complemented by a no less rare and fascinating transcription of the op.16, where Webern found a compelling solution that avoided superficial effects and focused instead on making the chord clusters express sound in almost skeletal terms that prefigure those of the sixth piece of Schoenberg’s Op.19. Matteo Fossi, Marco Gaggini (piano[s]).


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