RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (1872-1958): for Two Pianos: Introduction and Fugue (World Premiere Recording), Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (arr. composer and Maurice Jacobson [1896-1976]), Fantasia on Greensleeves for Piano Duet, for Solo Piano: The Lake in the Mountains, A Little Piano Book, Suite of 6 Short Pieces, VW arrangements: Ach bleid’ bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ (Bach), Hymn Tune Prelude on “Song 13” (Orlando Gibbons).

Catalogue Number: 03S046

Label: SOMM

Reference: CD 0164

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The 17-minute Introduction and Fugue was written in 1947 for the duo of Phyllis Sellick and Cyril Smith and, as pianist Bebbington points out in the notes, “Vaughan Williams wrote the Introduction and Fugue concurrently with the Sixth Symphony - a work which shocked the musical world with its undisguised brutality and modernism, and this piano work belongs to the same musical aesthetic.” A Little Piano Book is a delightful collection of six simple pieces first published in 1934 under the title Six Teaching Pieces For Pianoforte. Mark Bebbington (piano), Rebeca Omordia (second piano and duet).


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