The First Contemporary Chinese Composers Festival 1986

CHANG WING WAH (b.1954): Part III of Symphony No. 3 for Double Orchestra, TAN DUN (b.1957): Intermezzo for Orchestra and 3 Tone Colors, HUANG ANLUN (b.1949): Third movement of Piano Concerto in G Minor (Joseph Banowetz [piano]), QU XIAOSONG (b.1952): Mong Dong, JORDAN TANG (b.1970): Second and third movements from Symphony No. 3, YE XIAOGANG (b.1955): Moon over the West River.

Catalogue Number: 03R080

Label: Marco Polo

Reference: 8.225834

Format: CD reissue

Price: $16.98

Description: This strange collection of short pieces and chunks of larger ones offers rather more modernistic Chinese music (except for the Huang Anlung concerto which was just offered complete last month) - the Tang symphony is even serial with aleatoric sections and both Tan Dun and Qu include exotic vocalizations with the latter’s Mong Dong a giddily raucous percussion-laden piece inspired by ancient rock paintings from an ethnic minority tribe in Yunan. Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; Kenneth Schermerhorn, Jordan Tang. Original 1987 Hong Kong Records release.


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