As Conducted by Beethoven, Dec. 8, 1813

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827): Wellington’s Victory, Op. 91, Symphony No. 7 in A, Op. 92, IGNAZ PLEYEL (1757-1831): Jubel March, JAN LADISLAV DUSSEK (1760-1812): Brunswick March.

Catalogue Number: 03R029

Label: Alpha

Reference: 473

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Not only does this recording duplicate the program of Beethoven’s 12/8/1813 concert, it was also recorded (studio, not live) in the same hall in which it was originally given - the Ceremonial Hall of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. AND it uses a modern reconstruction of a monstrosity called a ‘Mechanical Military Trumpeter’ (photo in booklet) invented and built by Johann Nepomuk Mälzel (a rascally sort who also invented the “Panharmonicon”, a metronome still in use today, the ear trumpet Beethoven used and a fraudulent “mechanical chess player”), which plays the two marches (6 minutes total) accompanied by the orchestra. Orchester Wiener Akademie; Martin Haselböck.


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