ELLIOTT CARTER (1908-2012): 103rd Birthday Concert - Duettino for Violin and Cello, Figment IV for Viola, Mnemosyn√© for Violin*, String Trio*, Rigmarole for Bass Clarinet and Cello*, Bariolage for Harp, 3 glasbeniki for Flute, Bass Clarinet and Harp, Double Trio for Ensemble, Retracing for Bassoon, Figment V for Marimba, Hiyoku for 2 Clarinets, A Sunbeam's Architecture for Tenor and Ensemble*.

Catalogue Number: 03P100

Label: NMC

Reference: DVD193

Format: DVD

Price: $34.98

Description: This is an invaluable document of an unique occasion. Almost all the pieces were written during the final decade of the composer's life, and half of them received their world or U.S. premieres at this concert, in the presence of the composer. Carter became a prolific miniaturist in his later years, and all the pieces share his customary penchant for textures consisting of layers of contrasting material, tautly discursive and often creating the impression of more players than are actually present. Not everything is complex and active by any means; there are many moments of limpid repose and tender melodiousness. The concert is simply and undistractingly filmed, with occasional announcements from the stage, and each work given its own track. A 12-minute bonus track presents a collage of comments and tributes from five prominent British composers. NTCS all regions. Stereo. 16:9 widescreen. 83 min.


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