PETER BOYER (b.1970): Symphony No. 1, Silver Fanfare, Festivities, Celebration Overture, Three Olympians for String Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 03P099

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.559769

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Boyer's style is thoroughly approachable, tonal, combining aspects of Shostakovich, the open air and open intervals of Copland and John Adams' propulsiveness, while the bold colors of his orchestration and a certain willingness to step outside the boundaries of the best possible taste through the expression of gleeful high spirits recall Khachaturian. The most persistent influence seems to be Bernstein (the symphony is dedicated to his memory). The symphony, a full-blooded, classically proportioned specimen, begins with a modal theme, its pastoral fugato presentation inevitably suggesting Vaughan Williams. The theme is then thoroughly explored in a variety of moods, from martial and Shostakovich-like to tenderly lyrical. A breezy, dancelike scherzo and trio follows, with echoes of Copland and Bernstein. The finale is based on a dignified theme, which grows to a noble, affirmative climax, leading to a an exultant conclusion. Silver Fanfare, Celebration Overture and Festivities are celebratory occasional pieces, combining exuberant energy with openly emotional sentiment. The Olympians are Apollo, at once regal and mercurial, classically restrained and flamboyant; Aphrodite, sensuously and sensitively melodic; and Ares, clearly related to his Roman counterpart in Holst's portrayal, with tremendous rhythmic drive and bite. London Philharmonic Orchestra;  Peter Boyer.


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