YORK BOWEN (1884-1961): Piano Trio in E Minor, Op. 118, Rhapsody Trio in A Minor, Op 80, Piano Trio in D Minor (unfinished)*, Phantasy Quintet in D Minor for Bass Clarinet and String Quartet, Op. 93, Clarinet Sonata in F Minor, Op. 109.

Catalogue Number: 03P076

Label: Chandos

Reference: CHAN 10805

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: We've reached the point where a Bowen recording like this contains only one World Premiere Recording (asterisked above), an 11-minute youthful one-movement work from around 1900 which is, of course, nothing like his mature chamber music but which, taken on its own terms, is a promise of wonders to come. Can you believe that this is the third recording of the bass clarinet quintet? Robert Plane (clarinets), Gould Piano Trio, Mian Cooper (violin), David Adams (viola).


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