FERENC ERKEL (1810-1893): King Stephen.

Catalogue Number: 03P056

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.660345-46

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: In the good old days, this would have been on Hungaroton complete with a libretto and translation and voluminous notes on the difficulties of reconstructing this opera and its bizarre, checkered history of addition, cuts and lost full score. But, unfortunately it's now and, even if you like going on-line for a libretto, you'd better be fluent in Hungarian because there's no English translation. This was Erkel's final opera and it was premiered in 1885 after ten years of composition, work shared with three of his sons (it's still uncertain how much of what belongs to whom). This recording was made using Erkel's manuscript score and parts and gives us only what was performed at the premiere, getting rid of accretions from the 1930s. 2 CDs. Hungarian libretto available on-line. János Gurbán (baritone), Zoltán Nyári (tenor), Zsuzsanna Bazsinka (soprano), King Stephen Opera Chorus, Budapest Symphony Orchestra MÁV; Valéria Csányi.


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