GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN (as "Melante") (1681-1767): Fortuna scherzosa, Amor heißt mich freudig lachen, Hoffnung, PHILIPP HEINRICH ERLEBACH (1657-1714): Des Glückes Spiele, betrügen viele, Geduld kann überwinden, will sich das Unglück finden, Mein Sehnen ist gestillt, und mein Wunsch nun erfüllt, JOHANN ULICH (1677-1741): Ihr hellen Sterne des Glücks, JOHANN PHILIPP KRIEGER (1649-1725): An die Einsamkeit.

Catalogue Number: 03P030

Label: Audite

Reference: 93.703

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $19.98

Description: This program is built around arias and cantatas dealing with Fortune (Erlebach's separately published airas are the only remaining vestiges of his operas which were destroyed in a castle fire); Telemann's Italian cantata is one of those things plundered by the Soviets in World War 2 and only returned in 1999. Why neither of his works has a TWV number is not clear. Almost all of Ulich's work (he was Kapellmeister at Zerbst from 1708-42) was destroyed in the war but this cantata is one of a few which survived in copies elsewhere and which were only recently rediscovered. German texts. Ina Siedlaczek (soprano), Hamburger Ratsmusik.


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