MALCOLM WILLIAMSON (1931-2003): Complete Piano Concertos - No. 1 in A, No 2 in F Sharp Minor for Piano and String Orchestra, No. 3 in E Flat, No. 4 in D*, Concerto in A Minor for 2 Pianos and String Orchestra, Sinfonia concertante in F Sharp for Piano, 3 Trumpets and String Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 03P012

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CD 68011/2

Format: CD

Price: $37.98

Description: Williamson studied under Elizabeth Lutyens and wrote serial music early in his career but that didn't last long. The 1957-58 first piano concerto established a template that all the music on this disc would, to one extent or another, follow: multifacted stylistic homogeneity, with jazz or other popular elements occasionally injected into a bright, busy sound reminiscent of Prokofiev or Bartók with the entire work usually being elaborated from a single motif. Williamson also didn't believe in hanging around too long: only the Third of 1962, is longer than 20 minutes. World Premiere Recording of the 1991-93 Fourth concerto which, though 30 years after the No. 3, still falls within the established style of the others. 2 CDs. Piers Lane (piano), Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra;  Howard Shelley (second piano).


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