WALTER BRAUNFELS (1882-1954): Verkündigung, Op. 50.

Catalogue Number: 03P004

Label: Warner Classics

Reference: 5054196055325

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: A "mysterium" based on a German translation of a play by Paul Claudel, "The Annunciation" was a work which occupied Braunfels from 1934-37 and helped him ease into his own period of "inner emigration" under the Nazis. The composer's colorful orchestration (think of Die Vögel!) is often present although in service of the creation of a Germanic, medieval atmosphere while the vocal parts range from arioso to recitative-like parlando to spoken text. It's hard to come to grips with something as text-heavy as this work without a libretto (or even on-line access to one) but a brief synopsis in the notes helps and, besides, it's not like a new recording with libretto is likely to come along soon! 2 CDs. No texts. Siegmund Nimsgern (bass-baritone), Claudia Rüggeberg (alto), Andrea Trauboth, Chieko Shirasaka-Teratani (sopranos), Cologne Symphony Choir and Orchestra; Dennis Russell Davies. Original 1994 EMI release.


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